Can Pets be a prescription for a happier, healthier life?

Can Pets be a prescription for a happier, healthier life?

Nimra Bhatti
5 min readNov 13, 2020

We include them in our own family portraits, make room for them on our beds, tell them our innermost secrets, and pass overwork whilst they’re sick. And whether they paw, fly, or swim their manner into our hearts, pets are an important part of our lives.

America is a country of animal lovers. According to the National Pet Owners Survey, approximately two-thirds of U.S. families own at least one pet, this means that 71 million houses offer shelter for as a minimum one furry, feathery or scaly critter. We take exact care of our pets, however, did you know that our pets also take excellent care of us?

A developing frame of research shows that proudly owning and interacting with a puppy can improve our health. Besides loving you unconditionally, studies display that those wagging, purring, or hopping bundles of affection can lessen your strain levels, tame your blood pressure, shrink your depression, reduce feelings of loneliness, keep you physically healthy and even help you live longer.

Some research endorses that children who are uncovered to hairy pets as babies are less in a likelihood to broaden allergies.

“There are lots of studies showing that pets are good for our health,” says Rebecca Johnson, Ph.D., RN, director of the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine.

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How pets can help you make a healthy lifestyle change

Adopting a wholesome way of life adjustments plays a vital function in easing signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, pressure, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Caring for a pet will let you make a healthy way of life changes by:

Adding structure and regulation to your day. Many pets, especially dogs, require ordinary feeding and exercise schedules. Having a regular habitual keeps an animal balanced and calm — and it may work for you, too. No count your mood — depressed, anxious, or stressed — one plaintive look from your pet and you’ll get out of bed to feed, workout, and care for them.

Increasing exercising. Taking a dog for a walk, hike, or run is a laugh and rewarding ways to suit healthy each day exercising into your schedule. Studies have proven that dog owners are far much more likely to fulfill their everyday exercising requirements — and exercising every day is fantastic for the animal as well. It will deepen the relationship between you, eradicate maximum behavior troubles in dogs, and preserve your puppy suit and wholesome.

Helping you meet new human beings. Pets may be a high-quality social lubricant for their proprietors, assisting you to begin and preserve new friendships. Dog proprietors frequently forestall and talk to each different on walks, hikes, or in a dog park. Pet proprietors also meet new human beings in pet stores, clubs, and education classes.

Providing companionship. Companionship can help prevent contamination or even upload years to your life, even as isolation and loneliness can trigger signs and symptoms of depression. Caring for a stay animal can help make your experience wished and wanted and take the point of interest far away from your issues, specifically if you stay alone. Most dog and cat proprietors speak to their pets, a few, even use them to work through their troubles. And nothing beats loneliness like coming home to a wagging tail or purring cat.

Reducing anxiety. The companionship of an animal can provide comfort, help ease anxiety, and build self-confidence for humans anxious about going out into the world. Because pets generally tend to live inside the moment — they don’t worry about what came about yesterday or what might manifest tomorrow — they permit you to become greater mindful and respect the joy of the present.

Providing sensory strain relief. Touch and movement are two wholesome methods to quickly manage pressure. Stroking a dog, cat, or different animal can decrease blood strain and assist you in fast experience calmer and less stressed.

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How to find a perfect pet

If you’ve decided that proudly owning a pet is perfect for you, congratulations: you’re approximately to open your lifestyles to a unique and worthwhile relationship. While people who have pets tend to be happier, extra independent, and experience extra steady than those without pets, it’s crucial to pick out the type of pet that exceptional fits your desires and way of life.

Ø Talk to other members of your household and agree on the characteristics you want in a puppy and people that you’d choose to avoid. In the case of dogs, man’s best friend comes in countless breeds or a mixture of breeds, every supplying a unique combination of personality traits.

Ø If you’re searching out something smaller or with much less energy, then maybe a rabbit is perfect for you and your family. Here are some things to ask yourself when seeking out the correct pet:

Ø Where do you stay? Apartment or house? This will greatly decide the dimensions of the animal excellent suitable for your home. For instance, a rabbit or cat can be greater appropriate in a rental than a canine.

Ø What’s your lifestyle? Work schedule? If those liable for being concerned for the animal are gone a maximum of the day, both at school or work, you may want an animal that doesn’t need steady attention, together with a reptile or fish.

Ø Who do you stay with? Small kids or an elderly relative could be knocked over by a big dog, for example, creating a cat or rabbit a safer option.

Ø How huge is your backyard? Large canine breeds, for example, regularly require more space to run around in and play.

Ø Do you travel a lot? If you tend to be on the street for paintings or play, then you’ll want a pet that can be left by myself for long durations or easily looked after by a pal or neighbor. Fish or a reptile may be more suitable than a canine or cat.

Ø How much shedding can you tolerate? If you hate hair, then make certain to look at the breed of animal, because some animals’ hair can get everywhere. The good news is there are numerous different dog and cat breeds that have a minimal loss. There also are pets that don’t shed at all, like an iguana or a snake (well, at the least now, not hair).

Ø Ultimately, when choosing a pet, you have to be honest with yourself approximately the lifestyle you’d like to preserve and the kind of puppy you’d like to care for. If you’re in doubt about being concerned for a larger animal, then begin small, get a fish, or a smaller mammal. See how it suits and go from there.

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